Rufina, the Spanish Water Dog

GCH Rufina de Tender Teddy

CH Rufina de Tender Teddy, "Rufina", is our Spanish Water Dog female imported from Spain. Currently she's the #1 Spanish Water Dog in the USA, getting also multiple group placements!

Rufi, Orlando, Florida 2022
Rufi, Orlando, Florida 2022
Group 4 in Lakeland, FL
Group 3 in Miami, FL
Group 3 in Miami, FL
Rufina Best of Breed the breed in Orlando, Florida
Rufina de Tender Teddy
Rufina de Tender Teddy
Breeder: Antonio Reina
Owner: Lacey & Luisma Benítez & Antonio Reina
DOB: August 17, 2018

We are delighted to introduce Rufina, our extraordinary Spanish Water Dog female who hails all the way from Spain. As an imported gem, Rufina brings with her the finest traits and qualities that epitomize the Spanish herding dog.

Rufina is the perfect embodiment of the Spanish Water Dog breed, showcasing the ideal type, temperament, and soundness that are revered in this remarkable breed. Her presence commands attention and admiration wherever she goes, and her exceptional achievements further validate her status as a true standout.

Currently holding the esteemed title of the #1 Spanish Water Dog in the USA, Rufina's accomplishments are a testament to her unrivaled talent and versatility. Her notable group placements underscore her remarkable abilities and confirm her position as an exceptional representative of the breed.

Beyond her undeniable success in the show ring, Rufina encapsulates the excellence and true essence of the Spanish Water Dog. Her intelligence, loyalty, and unwavering dedication are evident in every aspect of her personality, making her a treasured member of our breeding program.

Rufina's influence extends far beyond her own achievements. As we continue to shape the future of the Spanish Water Dog breed, her exceptional lineage and remarkable qualities will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on our breeding endeavors. We are honored to have Rufina in our care and are committed to ensuring her continued success and happiness.

AKC Champion

#1 USA Spanish Water dog 2023 (All system)

#1 USA Spanish Water dog female 2022 (All breed)

Health Tests
  • Hips: OFA Good
  • Elbows: OFA Normal
  • CERF: Normal
  • Cardiac: OFA Clear by cardiologist
  • Congenital Hypothiroidism W/ Goiter: clear
  • Early Onset Pra: clear
  • Neuroaxonal Dystrophy: clear
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: clear


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