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Exceptional Puppies: Raised with the Puppy Culture Program

At Ancient City, we prioritize the upbringing and development of our puppies to ensure they become intelligent and well-rounded companions for loving family homes. That's why we have implemented the renowned Puppy Culture Program, a comprehensive system designed to shape and nurture our puppies from birth to 12 weeks—their most crucial developmental period.


Unlocking Their Full Potential

The primary objective of the Puppy Culture Program is to create well-balanced, smart companions who will bring joy and happiness to your life. To fully understand and participate in this transformative journey, we highly recommend ordering and watching the original Puppy Culture DVD. This invaluable resource will provide you with valuable insights into the program's philosophy and techniques. Once you welcome your precious bundle of joy into your home at 8-9 weeks of age, you can seamlessly continue implementing the program.


From Birth to 8 Weeks: Our Involvement

Rest assured that our commitment to the Puppy Culture Program goes beyond a mere recommendation. We actively follow along with our puppies, closely monitoring their progress and providing them with the necessary support during their first eight weeks of life. This hands-on approach ensures that they receive the best start in life, setting them on the path to becoming remarkable companions.


Choose Excellence: Our Puppy Culture Program

When you choose one of our puppies, you are selecting more than just a pet; you are welcoming a lifelong companion who has been lovingly shaped and nurtured through the Puppy Culture Program. We take pride in offering you a remarkable canine companion who embodies the values of intelligence, balance, and loyalty.


Note: As of 8-9 weeks of age, we encourage you to continue following the Puppy Culture Program to provide ongoing support and enrichment for your new family member.


Elevating Your Puppy's Journey Beyond 8 Weeks

We understand that the growth and development of your puppy extend well beyond the initial eight weeks of their life. We offer continued puppy socializing from 8-12 weeks of age, we have designed a comprehensive program to address their ongoing needs and help them flourish into well-mannered companions.


Partnering with a Local Trainer: Advanced Training for Excellence

To ensure that your puppy receives the best possible training, we collaborate with a highly skilled local trainer who specializes in advanced obedience. Upon completing our initial socialization and basic training phase, we can offer an additional 2-6 weeks course, depending on the level of training you desire for your pup.


Obedience Level 1: Leash Training Mastery

The first level of training, Obedience Level 1, focuses on teaching your puppy to respond to commands while on a leash. Through structured exercises and positive reinforcement techniques, our experienced trainer will guide your furry friend towards becoming a well-behaved and attentive companion.


Obedience Level 2: Off-Leash Freedom

Once your puppy has successfully mastered on-leash obedience, we introduce Obedience Level 2, which emphasizes off-leash training. This advanced level of training empowers your pup with the ability to respond reliably even without the restriction of a leash, allowing for a greater sense of freedom and trust during your shared adventures.


Tailored to Your Deserved Level of Training

The duration of the advanced training program, spanning from Obedience Level 1 to Level 2, may vary depending on the level of proficiency you desire for your puppy. Our trainer will assess your pup's progress and provide a personalized training plan that aligns with their unique capabilities and your goals as a pet owner.


Unleashing Your Puppy's Potential

By enrolling your puppy in our comprehensive advanced training program, you are investing in their lifelong happiness and success. Our dedication to providing them with exceptional training opportunities ensures that they not only become well-rounded companions but also have the skills and discipline to thrive in various situations.


If you have any further inquiries regarding our post-8-week training program, feel free to reach out. We are here to support you and your puppy every step of the way!


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