Retired Lagotto Romagnolos in Ancient City Lagottos

Retired Lagotto Romagnolos

Meet our retired Lagotti ❤️

At Ancient City Lagotti, our love and care for our dogs do not end after their breeding career is over. Our retired Lagotto Romagnolos continue to stay with us as cherished members of our family, whether living with us or with their new families.


Our Well-Deserved Retirees

Our Lagotto Romagnolo breeding program is based on quality breeding, and our females have a vital role in the process. We understand the hard work and dedication involved in their breeding careers, and when it's time for them to retire, we honor them.

Our retired Lagotto Romagnolos receive full support, and we ensure they continue to live a healthy and happy life. We make sure that they receive proper exercise, nutrition, and regular veterinary care. They live in a loving home, where they get plenty of cuddles and attention.


Our Retired Lagotto Romagnolo's Second Careers

Some of our retired Lagotto Romagnolos find a new home where they continue to bring joy and love to their new family. Their breeding careers have given them outstanding socialization, making them a perfect companion for someone looking for a mature but active dog. They have already been through basic training, making them easy to manage and train more advanced obedience commands.


Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the community and other institutions. As such, we may offer retired dogs back to the breeders, support therapy dog activities, and so on. Our retired Lagotto Romagnolos can also find a new home to provide companionship and therapy support to people who need it.


In Closing

Our retired Lagotto Romagnolos have given their best years to our Lagotto breeding program, and we feel that they deserve nothing but the best treatment in return. We take immense pride in our Lagotto Romagnolo breeding program that is based solely on quality breeding, and we extend that dedication even toward retired dogs.

If you're interested in providing a happy home to a retired Lagotto Romagnolo, reach out to us and we'll make it happen. We offer full support to ensure that these well-deserving dogs can continue to live a life filled with happiness and love.


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